Small Business Resource Information

LCI Workers’ Comp has always been a supporter of small and medium-sized businesses in Louisiana since we wrote our first policy 31 years ago. In addition to providing quality workers’ comp insurance, we happily organize several business development classes throughout the year with our member services arm LCIA. During...
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Workers’ Comp 101 February 2020

Staffers of LCI and LCIA, the member services arm of LCI, held the first Workers’ Comp 101 course of the year at Acme Oyster House in Baton Rouge on February 11, 2020. Audit Assistant Manager Chris Messenger, Claims Manager Yvonne Rosen, and Loss Control Specialist Billy Porche explained to...
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How a Loss Control Visit Can Help Your Business

A Loss Control visit can be very beneficial for your company. The primary purpose of a Loss Control visit is to confirm that LCI has correctly classified your business for the purpose of assessing its risk. This is also an opportunity for the policyholder to learn about different safety...
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LCI’s Agent Appreciation Luncheon in Baton Rouge

Manager of Agency Relations Keith Summers and Marketing Rep Jay Jodah held yet another highly successful, and elegant, Agent Appreciation Luncheon at Sullivan’s Steakhouse in Baton Rouge on Tuesday, August 20. Insurance agents familiar with LCI and those who are new to us dined on perfectly-prepared steak, salmon, garlicky...
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LCIA Wine’s Down on Wednesday

LCIA, the member services arm of LCI Workers’ Comp, invited members out to a summer wine tasting at Brady’s Wine Warehouse in New Orleans, LA on July 17th. The members were delighted to sample the five light, bright, and sometimes bubbly wines along with our Account Manager Sarah, Events... Read More

When Fraudsters Infiltrate Your Email

Most businesses will become the target of scams at least once. Criminals will try anything to get their hands on all of your funds, and they’re becoming more and more sophisticated about doing just that. One of the most common types of fraud is Business Email Compromise, or BEC.... Read More

Workers’ Comp 101 At Acme Oyster House

LCI held a Workers’ Comp 101 educational luncheon for Baton Rouge area members at Acme Oyster House on Tuesday, May 14. As the members listened to presentations about auditing from Auditing Assistant Manager Chris Messenger, claims from Claims Manager Yvonne Rosen, and loss control from Loss Control Specialist Billy... Read More

How To Prepare For A Workers’ Compensation Premium Audit

  What is a premium audit, and when do they occur? The primary purpose of a premium audit is to calculate your final premium. When your policy was issued, the premium was an estimate of an exposure basis (payroll) multiplied by a rate. In the audit, LCI will examine... Read More

Lessons Learned: Long-Term Care

Yvonne Rosen The Claim In a recent case, we had a claimant that hit his head on a piece of metal. The initial injury was a cut that was bleeding. After reporting it to his supervisor, he had two seizures. Paramedics were called to the scene and he was... Read More

On the Issues: Sexual Harassment

Stefanie Allweiss, Co-founder of Gotcha Covered HR It’s no question that sexual harassment is in the news, but keep in mind that the high profile cases aren’t the only incidents taking place. Stefanie Altweiss from New Orleans-based HR consulting firm Gotcha Covered HR explains what you should know and... Read More