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For the past 30 years, LCI Workers’ Comp has provided coverage for literally thousands of small- and medium-sized businesses across Louisiana — all the while, delivering timely, competent customer service to both its member insureds and valued agency partners.

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What is Workers’ Comp?

Workers’ compensation coverage works similarly to other types of insurance:



You pay a monthly premium to a provider. Your premium is based on payroll and the nature of your work.



If a worker is injured on the job, you submit a claim to your workers’ comp provider.



The workers’ comp provider pays for the injured worker’s medical treatment. In the event an employee must miss work, workers’ comp pays him/her a portion of his/her wages.

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Small Business Resource Information

LCI Workers’ Comp has always been a supporter of small and medium-sized businesses in Louisiana since we wrote our first policy 31 years ago....
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