+- What is LCI Workers’ Comp?

LCI Workers' Comp is a group self-insurance fund organized in 1989 in Louisiana under R.S. 23:1195. The full name of the fund is Louisiana Construction and Industry Self Insurers Fund.

+- Who regulates LCI Workers’ Comp?

The Louisiana Department of Insurance.

+- How many Louisiana businesses does LCI provide workers’ compensation coverage for?

LCI currently provides workers' comp coverage for over 4,000 Louisiana businesses.

+- What is LCIA?

LCIA is the Louisiana Construction and Industry Association, the member services arm of LCI Workers' Comp. LCIA organizes educational workshops and events for members of LCI Workers' Comp.

+- What does LCIA do?

LCIA hosts events, including: educational workshops, community forums, and business (and social) networking events.

+- What is LCI Workers’ Comp’s “Fund Year?”

LCI Workers' Comp's "fund year" runs from January 1 through December 31. LCI Workers' Comp's policies are issued on an annual basis from the date of inception.

+- What is The Urban Conservancy?

The Urban Conservancy, a non-profit organization based in New Orleans that advocates for locally owned businesses, is the sponsoring association for LCI Workers' Comp.