Take 5: Keith Summers

Keith Summers, Manager of Agency Relations Keith Summers came to LCI in November 2018 after over 20 years in the workers’ comp industry. Keith spends his time interacting with insurance agents across the entire state of Louisiana so that they can understand the strengths of LCI. What’s your favorite...
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YDK: Todd Kelly

To be a successful private investigator, you’ve got to be ready to sit in a hot car for hours on end remaining alert the entire time. Vice President of Marketing and Sales of Genesis Information Services Todd Kelly explains, “It’s not as glamorous as TV makes it out to...
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People Watching For Work: Todd Kelly of Genesis Information Services

It takes someone who has an innate curiosity about people’s habits to become a top-notch private investigator and to lead others in the art of following unsuspecting people around town. Todd Kelly, the Vice President of Marketing and Sales of Genesis Information Services, has always been fascinated by what...
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Take 5: JT Roberts

JT Roberts, LCI’s Summer 2019 Intern LCI’s summer of 2019 intern JT Roberts came to us from the University of Louisiana at Monroe where he’s majoring in Risk Management and Insurance. He has an interest in both Claims and Underwriting, and he will be working with both departments while...
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Limb Loss Awareness With Jennifer McCarthy of One Call

April is Limb Loss Awareness Month; there are millions of Americans who have lost limbs to disease or injury, and it has changed the way they live their lives. While losing a toe, leg, arm, or other body part can be incredibly traumatic, amputees can regain some or all... Read More

LCI Agent Appreciation Luncheon 3/26/19

LCI held a successful and entertaining Agent Appreciation Luncheon at Drago’s in Metairie on Tuesday, March 26th. We hosted several insurance agents from the greater New Orleans area, and everyone left with far more knowledge about what LCI is all about and how we like to do business! Read More

Take 5: Nina Luckman

Nina Luckman, editor of Comp Blog, powered by LCI Workers’ Comp.    Nina Luckman is the writer and editor of Louisiana Comp Blog, which is powered by LCI Workers’ Comp. She is originally from Pennsylvania but has spent the last eight years in New Orleans, where Louisiana Comp Blog... Read More

You Didn’t Know: Jeff Waltz

Attorney Jeff Waltz has an interesting relationship with fate, and it once won him the title of Best Steak Chef. Jeff was working in his office on a Saturday morning seven years ago, and he realized that his cousin was nearby competing in the Beringer Wine Great Steak Challenge.... Read More

You Didn’t Know: Michelle Ingram

  Michelle Ingram is widely known for her work rescuing, sheltering, and grooming animals at Zeus’ Place and Zeus’ Rescues, the companies she founded starting in 2006 that have grown to three locations. She is, however, a woman of many passions and hobbies that she fruitfully enjoys as often... Read More

One Pet At A Time: Michelle Ingram of Zeus’ Place

  Zeus’ Place is more than just a dog grooming and kenneling business. Owner Michelle Ingram started Zeus’ Place because she needed a way to fund her habit of rescuing animals and finding them forever homes. Michelle has been rescuing lost and abandoned dogs and cats since she was... Read More