You Didn’t Know: Sven Vorkauf

Sven Vorkauf, the owner of LCI’s member Bratz Y’all, has found success in the restaurant business several times in his life. These successes have afforded him the opportunity to travel the world to learn about food traditions in many exotic countries. Sven was in The Philippines when he was...
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Berliner in New Orleans: Sven Vorkauf of Bratz Y’all

When people think about the world-famous cuisine of New Orleans, Creole dishes like gumbo, etouffee, and chargrilled oysters are probably the first things that come to mind. The truth is that New Orleans cuisine was cultivated from many different cultures living, working, and eating together. Waves of immigrants from...
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You Didn’t Know: Bobby Truitt

Bobby Truitt, a prominent lawyer based in Covington, LA, didn’t start out working in the small city that he finds himself in now. His career began in Metairie and New Orleans, and he eventually moved his business and his home to the Northshore area. His commitment to leaving the...
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There’s Something About Small Town-Living: Bobby Truitt

Historic brick buildings lining narrow two-lane roads, trees of every variety shading little cafes and boutique shops, and friendly faces everywhere you go: this is why Bobby Truitt, one of LCI’s most trusted workers’ comp case attorneys, loves living and working in Covington, Louisiana so very much. He’s lived...
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Avoid Dehydration And Heat Stress

This week, we’ve been looking at various heat stress disorders that may affect us as the summer heat increases or lingers on into fall. During the hottest months of the year, we must all take precautions to make sure our bodies do not get overheated. Today we will talk... Read More

Take 5: Yvonne Rosen

Yvonne Rosen, Claims Manager Yvonne is the manager of the claims department. She has been involved with claims handling for over 30 years, working as manager/adjuster for both in-house claims departments and third-party administrators. Yvonne grew up in New Iberia, LA, and is now living in Lafayette with her... Read More

You Didn’t Know: German Sarmiento

In 2010, the famed and eccentric actor Nicolas Cage inexplicably purchased a plot in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 in New Orleans. The centuries-old cemetery which opened in 1789 is the final resting place of several famous and infamous New Orleanians like the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau and the... Read More

Constructing Cities of The Dead: German Sarmiento of VGR Construction

There are a few images that come to mind when someone says, “New Orleans:” scenes of the French Quarter on a sunny day with Creole delicacies making the air fragrant with spices, taking a bumpy ride in a streetcar along St. Charles Avenue, or sipping a cold cocktail while... Read More

Take 5: Keith Summers

Keith Summers, Manager of Agency Relations Keith Summers came to LCI in November 2018 after over 20 years in the workers’ comp industry. Keith spends his time interacting with insurance agents across the entire state of Louisiana so that they can understand the strengths of LCI. What’s your favorite... Read More

YDK: Todd Kelly

To be a successful private investigator, you’ve got to be ready to sit in a hot car for hours on end remaining alert the entire time. Vice President of Marketing and Sales of Genesis Information Services Todd Kelly explains, “It’s not as glamorous as TV makes it out to... Read More