Environmental Plumbing Solutions

Testing the Waters With a New Plumbing Paradigm


About Environmental Plumbing Solutions

Led by Owner John Hoskins, Environmental Plumbing Solutions (EPS) is a residential and commercial plumbing company with more than twenty years of plumbing experience. John Hoskins is a second-generation plumber, and his son, John Jr., also carries on the family occupation. After a long and successful run as Hoskins Plumbing, John renamed the company and shifted its focus to eco-friendly plumbing in 2013. EPS promotes water conservation and incorporates waterfriendly products and appliances.


Bread & Butter: Residential Construction

John Hoskins has built relationships with many homebuilders and general contractors throughout his years of experience. While the company’s focus is now on water conservation, EPS still provides traditional plumbing services on new construction and existing buildings. They also handle gas and sewer issues. Finally, in addition to being a licensed Master Plumber, John is certified to work on backflow preventers, devices used to keep water from becoming contaminated.


A Trip to Australia

In 2011, John Jr. moved to Australia to live abroad for a year and work as a plumber. He quickly noticed that Australian plumbing practices put a heavy focus on water conservation due to their lack of rivers and limited access to fresh water. “It was amazing,” John enthusiastically explained, “they collect rainwater from roofs and downspouts, greywater, and use it in their houses for non-potable uses, such as flushing toilets. I thought, ‘why can’t we do this back home?’” John Jr. returned to Louisiana with dreams of a water-friendly Louisiana.


The Paradigm Shifts

After returning home, John Jr. told his father about Australia’s plumbing practices. John saw the potential to make a positive impact on his community, as well as a promising business opportunity to be pioneers in water conservation in Louisiana. “I thought it was a great idea,” remembered John, “but I knew it would take time. We understand that not every customer wants to make this investment yet. We’re optimistic, but also realistic about getting widespread buy-in.” John became committed to a change in the company paradigm and vision, and as a result, changed the company name to Environmental Plumbing Solutions in 2013.


Looking Towards the Future

Today, EPS offers its green expertise to its customers. In addition to educating customers about eco-friendly products, EPS also offers low- to no-cost green services for homeowners and businesses. They give out water audit kits to homeowners, which test toilets for leaks and the flow rate of showers and sinks. This way, homeowners can see how much water is going to waste. After reviewing the audit, EPS can explain how much water (and money) simple changes can save. On a larger scale, John and John Jr. are looking to remain leaders in water conservation efforts. They are considering attending classes in Arizona, where water conservation techniques are more common than in Louisiana. John Jr. has also worked with engineers to design a residential greywater tank and plumbing system for Louisiana homeowners. As pioneers in water conservation in Louisiana, John and John Jr. look forward to continuing to learn all they can and sharing their expertise with the rest of us.

To learn more about Environmental Plumbing Solutions, visit or call 337-442-1790.

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