Agent's Top Questions
Underwriting Facts & Figures

Our experienced team of underwriters, risk managers and operations personnel ensures that submissions are processed quickly and efficiently—most receiving an underwriting decision within 24 hours. And our in-house premium auditing process guarantees accurate premiums. Every time. Now, the top 10 most popular questions posed by agents:

Can I talk to one of your underwriters about an application before I submit it?
Yes. Our underwriters are happy to provide general guidance and will take the time to try to answer whatever questions you may have regarding your submission. Simply call (866) 398-8170 for more information regarding our underwriting department or visit our Underwriting Facts & Figures page.

Our standard premium payment plan is 8.5% down and 10 equal installments with no interest charged. Of course, payroll reporting and other payment plans may be discussed with underwriting. In the event of policy cancellation, all fees and association dues that are not paid in their entirety during the course of the policy period because of cancellation are due at the time of cancellation. And remember, every account is subject to a premium audit.

  • Minimum payroll - $22,000
  • Minimum premium - $1,500 (degree of risk may require higher premiums)
  • Maximum payroll for Sole Proprietors and Partners - $23,700 per person, per year
  • Maximum payroll for Owners/Officers of a corporation - $46,800
  • Charge for increased limits of Employers Liability –
    • $500,0001.7%
    • $1,000,0002.8%
    • $2,000,0004.3%
    • $3,000,0005.3%
    • $4,000,0006.1%
    • $5,000,0006.8%

    • Blanket Waiver of Subrogation - 2% of total Standard premium, maximum $1500