Take 5: Keith Summers

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Take 5: Keith Summers

Keith Summers, Manager of Agency Relations Keith Summers came to LCI in November 2018 after over 20 years in the workers’ comp industry. Keith... Read More

YDK: Todd Kelly

To be a successful private investigator, you’ve got to be ready to sit in a hot car for hours on end remaining alert the... Read More

When Fraudsters Infiltrate Your Email

Most businesses will become the target of scams at least once. Criminals will try anything to get their hands on all of your funds,... Read More

People Watching For Work: Todd Kelly of Genesis Information Services

It takes someone who has an innate curiosity about people’s habits to become a top-notch private investigator and to lead others in the art... Read More

Why Do I Have To Have A Loss Control Visit?

The primary purpose of the Loss Control visit is to confirm that LCI has correctly classified your business for the purposes of assessing its... Read More

Take 5: JT Roberts

JT Roberts, LCI’s Summer 2019 Intern LCI’s summer of 2019 intern JT Roberts came to us from the University of Louisiana at Monroe where... Read More