StayLocal’s Top 6 Reasons to Get Involved With a Business Organization

Getting involved with a business organization can provide you with continued learning, networking opportunities, and other benefits. StayLocal, an alliance of independent businesses in New Orleans, offers the following reasons to engage with business organizations in your community.


Connect With Your Peers

As a small business owner, you can sometimes feel you are in it alone. Business associations connect you to your peers and facilitate meet-ups to give you a chance to build your network. StayLocal is all about community! We are the only organization exclusively for independent businesses in the city and we seek to promote the unique sense of place local businesses create in New Orleans.


Stay Tuned In To Local And National Issues That Impact Your Business

StayLocal works on the local, state, and national level to monitor policy and bring forward issues facing New Orleans’ independent business owners. StayLocal has national partners who conduct research and develop policy that supports small businesses. Being a part of StayLocal loops you into important conversations and makes your voice heard.


Further Your Learning

What’s that new marketing platform? What’s the best tax structure for your business? How should you connect with future clients? Business associations design programming around the needs of the businesses they serve. At StayLocal, we work with our network to host events and workshops on pertinent topics. They call upon their members to present at these events, giving you a marketing boost and positioning you as an expert in the field.


Gain Referrals And Recommendations

There are tons of networking events in New Orleans, but are you making valuable connections? As members of the same mission-driven organization, such as StayLocal, you immediately share a connection with everyone you meet. Our intimate events foster connections and conversations you won’t get anywhere else. As mentioned in our article in this issue (page 5 if you missed it), when local businesses source from one another in the community, benefits grow exponentially.


Add Credibility

Set yourself apart from other businesses by adding the credibility of membership. When a company belongs to an association, many customers interpret that the company is well established and involved in the community. It’s great to put on resumes and business proposals as well, giving you a marketing boost and positioning you as an expert in the field.


Receive Special Deals And Discounts

Many business associations secure great benefits, specials, and discounts for their members. StayLocal offers their members discounted advertising rates in Gambit and NOLA Messenger, Member-to-Member Deals, access to “low-bono” legal services, and more.

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