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Agent’s Top Questions

Our experienced team of underwriters, risk managers and operations personnel ensures that submissions are processed quickly and efficiently—most receiving an underwriting decision within 24 hours. And our in-house premium auditing process guarantees accurate premiums. Every time. Now, the top 10 most popular questions posed by agents:


Can I talk to one of your underwriters about an application before I submit it?
Yes. Our underwriters are happy to provide general guidance and will take the time to try to answer whatever questions you may have regarding your submission. Simply call 985-612-1230 for more information regarding our underwriting department or visit our Underwriting Facts & Figures page.


What exactly do I need to submit a risk?
Click here for the standard ACORD application and all supplemental forms. This completed form and any supporting documentation you may have is all you need to submit a risk.


Will you consider writing a new business or a company with no prior coverage?
Yes. We will consider both new business and companies with no prior coverage, provided the owners or officers have at least five years’ experience in their industries.


Do you require loss runs?
Yes. Accounts with prior coverage are required to submit the last five years of loss runs.


May officers, partners or sole proprietors exclude themselves from coverage?
Yes. Each officer, partner or sole proprietor with at least 10% ownership may be excluded from coverage.


Do you provide Waivers of Subrogation?


Do you provide Alternate Employer endorsements or Additional Insured endorsements?
Individual Alternate Employer endorsements are available at no charge. We do not provide Blanket Alternate Employer endorsements.


Can I submit business even if my agency doesn’t have a contract with you?
Yes. We do accept trial applications. If the account is quoted and bound, we will then execute the contract. Our partner agencies must be properly licensed for Property & Casualty Insurance and be able to show proof of Errors & Omissions Insurance with limits of at least $1 million.


Where can I get loss information on my clients?
You can request loss runs from your LCI underwriter, but you must be the Agent of Record on the account. We will only provide loss information to the insured or to the Agent of Record.


Is there a common expiration date for all LCI policies?
No. All policies are twelve month policies and expire 365 days after issued.