Attract and Retain Clients With a Professional Image

Presented By The Brand Constructors


The Brand Constructors is a New Orleans-based branding and design firm that works exclusively with A/E/C industries (architecture, engineering, and construction). Rob Folse, Principal and Expert Brand Strategist at The Brand Constructors, gave LCIA a run-down of key elements that he believes can help transform a small business into a professional enterprise. Rob suggested the following course of action for small businesses who are looking to outfit their operations with a more professional exterior:


1. Build a Professional Brand Components include:

  • A readable, relevant logo and slogo (a logo with a slogan)
  • A memorable stationary kit
  • Easily-readable signage for job sites
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Uniforms to unify your team

2. Create and Maintain a Professional Website With features such as:

  • Clean, well-designed navigation
  • Relevant, optimized site content
  • Professional-grade photos of people and projects
  • Social media integration
  • Mobile device responsiveness

3. Implement Marketing Automation To keep in touch with your customers, consider utilizing the following:

  • Contact lists for customers and past customers
  • A quarterly email campaign and a blog
  • Emails that show you’re the expert in your field
  • Case studies focused on solving problems

4. Assemble and Employ a Call-Down Plan to Connect with Clients Rob suggests when to call:

  • Consistently check in with clients, not just when work is needed
  • Annually assess your relationship with your clients; every year, call your clients to assess their satisfaction with past work and to inquire about future projects
  • Make sure to ask for referrals when appropriate

5. Write Out a Social Media Plan Ask yourself:

  • Which platforms your clients use
  • What examples of your work you want to showcase
  • How you can show off your industry knowledge
  • Which review sites, if any, would be helpful (i.e. Yelp, Angie’s List)

Learn more about The Brand Constructors and see their work at

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