The Importance of Ladder Safety

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The Importance of Ladder Safety

Accidents involving ladders are the single major cause of serious workplace accidents. The following are examples of serious injuries that have occurred: A worker... Read More

El Parian

Bringing Mexican Flavor to Pineville   About El Parian El Parian is a Mexican restaurant located at 2624 Old Marksville Hwy in Pineville. Since... Read More

Care Ambulance

Going Above and Beyond   About Care Ambulance Care Ambulance is a Harvey-based ambulance service, specializing in non-emergency transport. Founded in 1976, Care’s modern-day... Read More

The Importance of Workers’ Comp Insurance

Mark Tullis, Administrator, LCI Workers’ Comp   Most business owners know that workers’ compensation insurance is required by State law to compensate injured workers... Read More

On The Issues: Insurance

Insurance can be confusing we understand that. LCI works exclusively with workers’ comp. We know how complicated that alone can be, not to mention... Read More